Saturday, December 6, 2008

Alcholism en Masse is Saturday Night?

Early. Third year of high school, I was addressed formally. Not in a health class, but a shrink's office. A shrink I didn't pay for. He was a 'mentor'. He ran a legion of Young Achievers that reached out to their even younger counterparts. It was performance art, literally and figuratively. We staged enactments to illustrate the dangers in drugs/sex. Performances.

When I was confronted in a sit-down manner about my dark hour dalliances, it came with great girth. I drank alone. Once. That was the straw. Shrink said my behavior was (displaying signs of) alcoholism. Alcoholics cannot control their consumption. Drinking alone was a sign that the consumption had taken over.

Those whom had consumed strictly amongst friends-- clearly sober folk.

Tonight I drank alone. $2 bottle of Cabernet from the grocery. Cheap, but it's got an 84. I was alone for most of my sipping. I was cooking. This was night two of my culinary charade. And night two of the sipping. If anything came from my sips, it was the deep solace of an easy night. I felt a great sense of indulgence in my own spirit. Nothing like that night last week, when amongst friends I helped a teenager celebrate his birthday by giving him the lap dance of his (thus far) life. Everyone was drunk. It was wonderful.

And healthy.

To life. Cheers.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mexican Thanks

The entourage ventured south for the holiday weekend. Colin and I have celebrated Thanksgiving in La Mision (c. K58 ) for years now. Since my father migrated to California 18 months ago, he's been accompanying us.

Traffic forced us to cross at the alternative border terminal of Otay Mesa. Our wait time was 3.5 hours. This is longer than normal. Besides the performance by 'Fire Breather', the voyage was terrible.